In this section, we will tell you about one of the oldest forms of art – wood painting. Intricate patterns, drawings, heroes and scenes from literary works and films perfectly fit our products, making chess, checkers and backgammon seemingly ordinary, a real work of art. Such a thing will become not only a fascinating option for spending leisure time, but also a wonderful element of the interior, emphasizing the taste and status of its owner.

The drawings on the products are unique and inimitable; you will not find an exact copy of any samples. This is what adds value to our products, so you can safely use them as a gift to the most important people, as well as to significant dates. You can please your little one who just decided to learn how to play chess, or your business partner to emphasize its significance and the value of your cooperation.

The approach to cost is individual and depends on the complexity of the work. Thanks to our own art workshop, we can realize any designs: from applying initials to the plot drawing, any forms of painting: Khokhloma, Gzhel, haze and other ideas available to our and your imagination. We are always ready to find a compromise between the price and the complexity of the work, which in the end will please you with regard to the quality and price of the product.